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February 2023

Shaping the retail concepts of tomorrow

Design thinking
We work with design with a strong focus on problem solving and clarification in early design phases, but also with a ’maker mindset’, where we quickly create prototypes of ideas, and test and evaluate them together with our customers.

Our customers are specialists in their industry, and we value close collaboration and dialogue, as it gives us the best insight to be able to design good store concepts. From time to time we facilitate co-creative processes, where we develop ideas for customers’ new concepts together with the customers (we call it the Retail design sprint).

Overall, you can describe our working method based on a model like below, where the design process can have many iterations (so not always a linear process) as we get smarter through prototyping and testing. The individual phases can be described as follows:

Empathize: Getting into and examining the challenge from different angles. To define a problem.
Define: To qualify the understanding of the problem. To investigate, present and receive feedback on the issue.
Ideate: To develop ideas in many directions.
Prototype: Create a physical representation of the idea to get feedback..
Test: To test and revise, test and revise...
Assess: To assess and evaluate, give and receive feedback, integrate feedback.

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