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9. February 2022

The new way of shopping

Self-service concepts are becoming more widespread and most larger supermarkets now have self-service checkouts. But what if you create a concept where the entire sales transaction works digitally without vendors and where transactions are possible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Wanzl is developing store automation solutions at a rapid pace and has an answer to the demands of changing markets.

Self service concepts and 24/7 automation
Wanzl's new concept tracks customer and analyzes purchasing behavior – real time in the store. When a customer arrives at the store, they can enter it through the doors by showing their loyalty card or QR code on their smartphone. The system tracks the activity with a graphic indication with circles with different colors. The system also detects abnormal activities. The concept can also be used in the ordinary grocery store as a hybrid model:

Outside the store's opening hours, the convenience store can be kept open with the help of automation solutions. All in all, the concept can be customized to fit into any store format.

Get the customers back to the physical store
Online stores have been the solution for night and holiday shoppers. But what if you don’t want to await the delivery and instead get the purchase right away? The new concept makes it possible for customer to carry out a quick and easy purchase: to choose, take and pay. The most important thing is to make all easier for customers, but also grow sales by new innovations and possibilities.

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These 3 key trends are shaping the development of retail and its buyer groups today

  1. Online is in. Food, fashion, and even furniture – it’s more and more popular for customers to order their products online via websites, apps and online stores. If the price, target group and needs are right, a purchase is often made after just a few clicks.

  2. Convenience is the best – even offline! Customers want to be able to purchase and pay for their products as easy and as nearby as possible.

  3. 24/7 is the general trend! Stores that are accessible around the clock ensure that customers wishes and needs are satisfied at any time of day or night.

    So in the end, we believe that by combining these trends we get new highly functioning self service shop concept!


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